Do cruises have wheelchairs on board?

Halong Bay cruises don't have wheelchairs on board. If you have a disability, then it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the experience of cruising Halong Bay. We understand that having a disability means you have to consider how you’ll perform day-to-day activities that most people take for granted — especially when going into an unfamiliar place like a cruise ship.

Halong Bay ports and cruises are not really designed or equipped properly for disability access, but dock walkways and bridges make easier for disability to board an overnight Halong Bay cruise when the cruise docks properly at port in a calm weather day.

In certain days, ships are docked a little away from walkways and bridges, and passengers are transferred to board by a tender (a small speed boat for boarding, excursion transfer), and the crew is a big help for your access to the cruise.

However, while the crew would like to assist a passenger with disability, embarkation and disembarkation is difficult to carry a passenger sitting in wheelchair up and down!

If you can manage a small distance and steps with handrails, it could be easier to board cruises in Halong Bay 

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